​ArtistArt.Chased by reality.In a race of life and death.By being a wannabeUntil the wannabe wants to beLike the artist who[...]
​Bus​A bus.A guy walks in.With a plastic helmet.Handcuffs cuffed around his wrists.A machine gun tied to his side.Two plastic bags[...]
​DogA guard.For night crawlers and seekers of the dark.Not giving up his hope.Not giving up his stand. Without a home.[...]
​Pointy cones.Built for eternity.With bricks and stones.As a place for Buddhists.For all their rites.Temples for their puniness and pride.Instead of[...]
An elephant.A majestic creature.Able to feel and able to cry.Tortured by humans so they can tryTo ride on their backLike[...]
A train.The rattling on the rails.The battling of the fans.Going in two directions.With people going a million ways.But we all[...]
A Bench.Empty like an empty water bottle.Full of air and space.But empty.Ok never mind.Someone just sat down.​Story #4: I was waiting[...]
A tiny fortress.With cannons and crosses.Waiting for people who travel the world.A head full of thoughts that are curled.Up in[...]