A guard.
For night crawlers and seekers of the dark.
Not giving up his hope.
Not giving up his stand.
Without a home. Without a friend.
Full of fleas and full of heart.
Who doesn't want to be apart.
Would follow you from Rajasthan to Rome.
All to make sure that he is not alone.
​And you are safe.
Wherever you want to go.
Enough is enough, Eddie.
Don't follow me into the bathroom.

​Story #6:​ We were spending the night at the train station when this dog came. All night he was staying with us, he followed me even into the bathroom, eventually he felt asleep under the bench. Thousands and thousands of dogs are looking for a home and a friend. Don't support breeders. #adoptdontshop
(16.​ December 2017, ​Chumphon, Thailand)

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