A tiny fortress.
With cannons and crosses.
Waiting for people who travel the world.
A head full of thoughts that are curled.
Up in a ball.
Not knowing why they do what they do.
And why they are here.
Lost, unable to bear.
A life in a tiny fortress.
Always on the run.
Taking pictures of things that they’ve done.
Afraid of reality and being trapped in their minds.
Mmmh. Delicious fresh juice just behind.
All the choices are mine!
Oh great, there is no Mango left.

​Story #2: I was ​sitting in a ​little park in Bangkok with a juice lady behind me watching people taking pictures. When I was about to order my juice, there was no mango left. I know, life is hard and I am here to publish the most important stories.
(09.​ December 2017, ​Bangkok, Thailand)