​A bus.
A guy walks in.
With a plastic helmet.
Handcuffs cuffed around his wrists.
A machine gun tied to his side.
Two plastic bags under his arm
Full of plastic novelties.
Most people think he is crazy.
And he is a freak.
By living a life full of plastic.
When everyone else is so real.
I think. Damn his life is awesome.
To most he seems disabled but
Is the most able to be free.
he is whatever he wants to be. 

​Story #7: ​We were sitting in a local bus when this guy with all his plastic toys came in. Handcuffs, walkie-talkie, a bunch of keys, ​a rifle. He was mumbling and acting like a child as a full grown man with an Asian beard. But he didn't care what all these people​ ​think about him. That should be inspiring for everyone, not the fact that he problably has no choice over it, but we do. Life shouldn't be taken too seriously.
​(​January 4th, 2018, ​George Town (Penang), ​Malaysia)