We need activists and athletes, dancers and singers, poets and dreamers. Followers of falling fantasies, creators of castles in the clouds and bursting bubbles, who risk everything to get it all.
Who live their life for what they think their life was meant to be.

We may say they lost touch to reality, lost in a mirage a sane mind cannot hold,
but they are daring and brave enough to walk a path unknowing where it ends,
not knowing where it leads until the curtains close and the lights turn off.

The people who try are the mighty figure for the things we lost in us.
The ability to dream and fight for the things that are worth fighting for.

Most will fall, but it’s their only chance to rise.
Most who fall will stay on the ground, but the few who get up will realize that there is nothing able to hold them down.
The few who make it give our world color, hope to believe, when there is nothing left to believe.
They paint the world so we can see their beauty.

They can show scientist that there is more to discover and they can show people that there is more in life to live for,
if we start dreaming and believing that we can make it happen.
That we are the masters of our own fate,
gods in our own little world that form our own sky and every star in a starless night.
But we have to break the boundaries, everything we know,
leaving behind the thoughts of the critics,
the taught laws of the culture we grew up with, and the fear of our own parents no matter how painful it is,
walking our path, our lonely road to our timelessness.

We should admire the activists and athletes, dancers and singers, poets and dreamers not for their fame and their fortune, since that’s not a sign for success and the answer for anyone’s happiness,
but their success is not giving up, not holding in the power they believe in.
Carrying a body covered in sweat and covered in scars with the mistakes they’ve made and tears they shed.

They show us that we shouldn’t fear life and the change that is happening in our world.
That we shouldn’t fear death but go along.
That we shouldn’t fear starvation but earn our food.
They show us that we have to leave our box, that living behind thick walls in castles and with clouds in our mind, will stop us from building castles in the sky.

But what if dreams fall apart and we hit ground?
We wake up to shattered dreams or we wake up to gone dreams living what we thought was meant to be and we don’t want to live it anymore,
when we see what it is and it lost its magic.

When we see what it is and it lost its magic showing the illusion that was planted as a seed deep down in our head,
somewhere where no one can reach until we feel its roots dividing our certainty.
And we end up lost in a place worse than everything we can imagine,
alone with shattered dreams, splinters of reality, not knowing where to go
since we lost everything we thought we know.

We hold these splinters deep in our skin not knowing,
that they unbosom more than whole lives of people who never tried,
people prematurely grey with the lost colors of our world can hide.
They can lead us a new path and so we have to get up,
keep wandering around like a lost soul in a lost place, with the realization that we have to lose ourselves in order to find what we came for
coming all the way from paradise.

But we have to be honest, honest with ourselves.
And we have to find out, where we want to go next, while wandering around.
And if we know we should look up to the activists and athletes, dancers and singers, poets and dreamers and never stop.
Even if they fall, they leave behind the tail of a shooting star and we can wish for our own better world
because we are the creators of our own little world.

We are the heroes of our own story with a cloud castle one step away.
We should become someone who stands up for everyone without a voice.
We should become the inspiration for people to never give up.
We should become us and not what everyone thinks about us.

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