This place is my home.
It is a place where birds are allowed to sing and foxes to pass through the woods.
It's one of those places that teach you that our world is a miracle that I would like to take care of.
It's one of those places that you don´t want to leave the place of my childhood.
Me and my siblings grew up surrounded by black sprinkles and dots on the pasture.
We have experienced everything that can be experienced with Galloways.
We watched calves walking around like children in Kindergarten and the mother cows, who come and pick them up.
We could see how bulls, driven by desire, jumped over fences to be with cows, and how they were led back to their own paddocks with sad faces.
We could see how they were born and we could see them dying.
We cried for them and we took care of them.
We learned how much dedication and work it needs from farmers for that we have something to eat.
My father is one of them.
He doesn´t know a single day or night without having his Galloways in mind.
When people were celebrating New Year's Eve in the streets, he was with his cattle,
trying to calm them when they got scared by missiles and fireworks shot into the air.
No weather and no rain keeps him in the house.
Galloways originate from the rough, windy and rainy Scottish highlands.
The more unpleasant the weather appears to us, the closer they are to their primal elements.
They are special beings who deserve our attention and a good life.
They are curious and playful, compassionate and stubborn.
Their meat is more than we could wish for. It is valuable, basically priceless, and we should not take it for granted.
Our world is a wonder and this place, too.
My father was born here, our family has lived here for centuries, and he will die at this place.
He found his greatest passion 33 years ago and we connected to nature every day.
It is still the same place of my childhood as if it had been conserved in a glass ball and I hope it stays that way.
Even though we get older and the animals are no longer the same, we still care about our land and its creatures.

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