„The world is painted with the colors of our dreams.“




Alexander Levin Aurel was born ​in Northern Germany. He was raised on a cattle ranch as the youngest of five siblings. He is a self-published author of three books and is working on transforming his stories into movie scripts.

He slept under New Zealand’s bridges and Australia’s beds or was picked up by strangers of the street. He watched stars in Bulgaria or surfed in Morocco. He dined at weddings in Indonesia, got Kung Fu trained in China, became a certified Yoga teacher in India, got bitten by Thailand’s mosquitos and lost his nuts to Malaysia’s rats.

I am a silent rebel, a follower of my ​heart. I am a writer and I am a poet. Only in art no perfection is needed and it can still be perfect. I hope, one day we don’t need books anymore. And every one can be happy with no need of escaping in different worlds. Until then I make it happen and make art for a change in the world.​