Voice of Peace

There is a reason why there is no peace in this world perfectly hidden under all the noise of war. Peace doesn’t make money. It is as simple as that, the unspoken truth.

Soldiers are no heroes, at least no soldier who doesn’t know what he is fighting for, at least not just by obeying an order, ‘cause heroes make the choice. They are no heroes if they are fighting like puppets for the interests of governments and corporations, believing it’s about peace and freedom only because they were told so, to ease every little thought about stopping and refusing. There is a reason why soldiers come home as a broken man with a broken mind in a broken world. If they come home at all and not just in a wooden box. If they come home, only to realize that their country doesn’t care about them, if they are not able to hold a weapon any more. They are the first and the last victim of war.

We look on life like it’s a painting, like we are just spectators not able to change a thing. But that’s not true, we can do anything. The choice is ours, always was, always will be. It’s on us to make this world hell or to make it by our will the praised paradise everyone is looking for, for the time he is passing away, ‘cause life is not only there to eat, sleep and die, just to pass by.

Show your protest whenever you can, by being the voice of peace. And don’t vote for war criminals no matter what they pledge. Be the voice of peace by being kind to the people around you, to the waiter, the teacher, the soldier, the police man, even to the depraved politician, they are only humans who might have made the wrong choice, just like me and you, but step up and raise your voice if someone needs your help. And there are millions and millions out there in this world. No bloody revolution was ever the way. So be kind and mindful by the choices you make, by not supporting war or slavery in any hidden way. War doesn’t start on battlefields. It starts in homes and neighborhoods. In hospitals, asylums and schools. It starts in the supermarket by our food choices and in electronic stores. In churches, mosques, temples and synagogues. It’s starts on our fields by using chemicals, killing the bees and destroying the soil, and in forests with fire and chainsaws. It starts in slaughterhouses and on the stock market. It starts in our heart.

If we did all these cruel things once, we will do it again, if we don’t change, every single one of us. We see it in our world. It is time for us as humans to evolve and open our eyes, and open our hearts. Don’t look away.

We have to be the change. If we don’t do it for us, let’s do it for them. One little kid is enough for me, to never give up. And it shouldn’t matter if it is mine or lives on the other side of the planet. There is only a future for them if we start now.

It is time to see the invisible and hear the voiceless.