Levin Aurel


An elephant.A majestic creature.Able to feel and able to cry.Tortured by humans so they can tryTo ride on their backLike the king of the jungleBut more like a nasty walking fungal jumble.Oh no the elephant stops.I don’t want my ride to be over.Fixy foxy more money in the boxy. ​Story #4: ​Elephant rides are still a …

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A train.The rattling on the rails.The battling of the fans.Going in two directions.With people going a million ways.But we all know where it ends.Bending time, counting down.49.50.92. 51.52.Why is seat number fifty next to ninety-two. ​Story #3: ​What do you do on a train ride? I was on the way from Bangkok to Ayutthaya when I …

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A Bench.Empty like an empty water bottle.Full of air and space.But empty.Ok never mind.Someone just sat down. ​Story #4: I was waiting for my plane when I saw some ​horrible pointless poems​, I even ​refuse to call ​them art,​ who were praised by the followers. So I challenged myself. I can do that even worse in …

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A tiny fortress.With cannons and crosses.Waiting for people who travel the world.A head full of thoughts that are curled.Up in a ball.Not knowing why they do what they do.And why they are here.Lost, unable to bear.A life in a tiny fortress.Always on the run.Taking pictures of things that they’ve done.Afraid of reality and being trapped …

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