The ​Voice of ​Peace

Our ​Influence on a ​Peaceful World

The ​dream of ​peace

"Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness" - Confucius, or someone else

What would we do for a world where peace reigns, and what would we sacrifice for it? We believe that war and peace are beyond our control and feel powerless, but it is us who lead the way.

We all believe that we would travel back in time if there was a chance to kill Hitler or Stalin. We learn of the atrocities in our history and vow to not repeat it. Yet, here and now in our time we close our eyes to the problems in the world that millions of people fall victim to - hunger, poverty, slavery, religious persecution, racism, psychological illness, domestic violence, greed and unscrupulousness. Anyone who once hailed a cold-hearted ruler bore his responsibility for the agony of the people, but also those who looked away and didn't act. We should not repeat the same mistakes. It is time to act now.

"History teaches constantly, but she can not find students." - Ingeborg Bachmann

Because we can change the world today, through smallest of actions we do have influence. It may they seem so small to us - by a nice word to the neighbor, a green meal or an old television -- but in these "hidden" ways, we can prevent or support war and slavery without even being aware of it. Because war does not only occur on battlefields. It comes from a false view of our world and its ​smallest ​elements, in many small decisions that are directed against us, our partners, children and co-workers, the animals in our world, our nature and even the bacteria in our bodies.

War begins in homes and neighborhoods with disputes and violence, in hospitals and asylums with radical treatments, in kindergartens and schools, in daily interactions and in the way we are educated. War begins in the supermarket and shopping malls with our purchasing decisions. In churches, mosques, temples and synagogues with religious oppression and manipulation. It begins in our fields with chemicals that kill bees and destroy the soil, and in forests with fire and chainsaws. It begins in slaughterhouses in the way we kill and treat animals, and on the stock market, which ​directly leads to food crises around the world. 

It starts in our hearts and only we can ​stop it by changing ourselves. Changing ourselves is the most difficult thing to do, but the only one that leads to something great.

"War does not arise on battlefields."

This overview is not meant to curse the darkness, but to show our responsibility and our possibilities, so that many small lights can light up.

Churches, mosques and synagogues

Fields and forests

Slaughterhouses and ​dining tables

Soldiers and politicians

Supermarket and electronics market

Kindergarten and school

Economy and stock market

Hospitals and ​asylums

Houses and neighborhood



War arises in a broken society in the weakness of the people.
No ruler or politician can start a war, they can only manipulate us.
Through philosophy one can recognize the madness in this world.

In the end, we decide who we vote for and who we believe in. We must not fall for either Eastern or Western propaganda, religious promises, or fanatical teachings.

Slavery, exploitation, racism and greed. All of these are acts of war against other people or our world. Actions of an unconscious, ignorant life. They affect us all.

It is difficult to find a light when the darkness has enclosed us, but we forget that we can be this light. We can be the voice of peace. Often we overlook our influence, but every decision in our lives leads in one direction or the other.

Question: ​Where in my own life could I do more for peace?

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