The Battlefield in our Body

How a false sense endangers our health

​A silent guide

Disease itself is not harmful. The real harm lies in our perspective. Disease and decay should serve as a guide on how to live our lives, since the cause and solution are mostly our lifestyle. But we have forgotten how to listen to ourselves. It has started the war in our body.

​"Every illness has its special meaning, because every illness is a cleansing, one just has to find out what. There is some sure information, but people prefer to read and think about hundreds and thousands of affairs of others. They do not want to learn to read the deep hieroglyphs of their illness. " - Christian Morgenstern (1871 - 1914).

Good health is no miracle. It is one of the simplest truths that Hippocrates already put into words 2500 years ago. The only problem is: it's hard to sell.

​"Your foods should be your remedies,
and your remedies should be your food. " - Hippocrates

​A white coat creates gods

Medicine is fallible, and history should have taught us that. Let's go back to a time long before the first antibiotic.

Fast money with the pleasure diseases

The typical treatment of syphilis in the 15th century was applying mercury externally and internally. Instead of contributing to the cure, mercury triggered dementia and premature death. Despite symptoms of vomiting, common medical opinion did not consider it heavy metal poisoning, but as evidence of the efficacy of their method of eliminating harmful mucus. One can only puzzle over the motivations of the medical profession at that time. Either it was a lucrative business paired with medical unscrupulousness or mental deterioration caused by too many mercury vapors.

Transferring the knowledge of those days to today would make fish and amalgam sweets a panacea. We believe we know better today, thinking we've outgrown the Middle Ages. Yet more and more people are getting dementia and other degenerative diseases, along with increasing malnutrition and environmental pollution. And we are wondering where it all comes from.

Article: The Loss of Our Earth - How modern agriculture destroys our world

​​​​"Who wants to forget, poisons himself with mercury or ​uses an ice pick."

​Lobotomy in the lobotomy mobile

By the mid-20th century, lobotomy was used on more than 50,000 people to cure schizophrenia, depression, and antisocial insubordination. Similar to mercury treatment, the side effects were ​negligible - mild ocular hematomas at nearly 100 percent success rate were worth the medical risk. The patients were "healed," but left drooling and gnawing at a wall, as famously portrayed by Jack Nicholson in "One flew over the cuckoo's nest."

​"Lobotomy or cheerful stirring with an ice pick in the human brain."

The American physician Walter Freeman, who toured the USA with a camper and carried out mobile lobotomies, achieved fame despite the lack of surgical training. It took 31 years and 3500 lobotomies, which he performed even on small children until 1967. He was eventually forbidden to operate.

​Believe in yourself:
If Walter Freeman could make people with an ice ​pick invalids, you can achieve anything!

​Walter Freeman finally died of colon cancer in 1972. Rectal smoking might have helped him, which in other times would raise the spirits and heal ailments.

"Rectal smoking awakens the spirits."

Just look online for the most absurd healing methods, there are more exciting stories about human fallibility in the medical context.

The mistakes of modern medicine

​"How can modern medicine be perceived as flawless if history reveals the opposite? We see that doctors did not always know what they were doing."

​Today, we are seeing fantastic success, especially in emergency medicine, which you can not praise enough. But in other areas, we are caught up in an old spirit, which we, as thought-provoking patients, have to break through.


Lack of medical awareness in dealing with disease is reflected in the excessive use of antibiotics, which generates more and more resident strains. Tens of thousands of people are already dying from the simplest infections, which are no longer treatable according to conventional medical standards. In India alone, 60,000 babies die every year.

In 2014, a group of British scientists claimed antimicrobial resistance could cause up to 10 million deaths per year by 2050, but that number was refuted two years later by a Geneva-based team. Sometimes a number can turn out higher to receive funding, sometimes lower to avoid panic. Ultimately, it remains an unpredictable unknown. Nonetheless, we already know that the wrong treatment is being carried out in our current age. Instead of mercury, the new cure-all remedy is antibiotics, which destroys our intestinal flora. Even with the slightest colds, medication is prescribed instead of giving the body simply a few days rest. It seems we live in a society of hypochondriacs running to the doctor for every little thing. And by taking the medication incorrectly, the patient can also be blamed.

​"Antibiotics destroy our intestinal flora, which is the cornerstone of our health."

​Amalgam dental fillings

​According to the current state of science, amalgam fillings pose no health risk. The removal, on the other hand, requires special technical equipment to counteract exposure to mercury from abrasion and gases. That alone should raise questions. No matter how small the impact of amalgam on our health may be, a drop will eventually overflow the barrel, in an ocean of poisons.

​"Our health is like a barrel. A drop can make it overflowing and show up as a disease."

​"Steel, Ray, Chemo"

There is hardly any other area of medicine that shows medical arrogance and ignorance as much as cancer treatments. Doctors treat it with the belief of knowing everything without knowing anything specific about the cause of cancer. Nevertheless, there seems to be only one recognized and correct type of treatment, consisting of a combination of steel, the surgical removal of the affected tissue, radiotherapy, the irradiation of the affected tissue, or chemo, the ingestion of a poison cocktail to destroy or reduce the affected tissue. Chemotherapy weakens the entire body, literally sheds your hair and causes vomiting. It is strongly reminiscent of the syphilis treatment from the Middle Ages, in which poison was prescribed as a remedy.

All of these treatments forget the complexity of the human body. Aristotle realized more than 2000 years ago that the whole is more than the sum of its parts, and yet we trust in selective therapies that still regard illness as an evil that must be tackled with all means.

​Quality of Life

Cancer therapy often extends life at the expense of quality of life. Instead of happy "three" months, patients spend "six" miserable months as half-dead carcasses over the toilet or with a complete loss of appetite. Even the diagnosis "You have cancer" sounds like a death sentence to many and triggers a stress reaction that perhaps worsen the condition.


  • ​Irradiation, although radioactivity can cause cancer
  • Mastectomy, although stress and emotional destabilization through lose of self-esteem can weaken the body
  • Chemical cocktail, although a poisoned and weakened body is more susceptible to cancer and other diseases

Oncology is the driving force of the pharmaceutical industry

The highest-selling therapy class in 2015, at $ 79 billion, was oncology, hidden in a total pharmaceutical volume of $ 954.1 billion. A single cancer drug can cost up to 70,000 Euros in Europe. In America, the costs are even higher. It is no wonder that it has great potential for corruption, both at a political and medical level. Doctors have deliberately misdiagnosed to earn ​from the suffering of the patient. All this is protected by incomplete laws of politics and desired by the pharmaceutical industry. Even pharmacists have issued adulterated or exchanged cancer drugs.

"Can one speak of healing if the causes of the cancer are not treated?"

​The story of ​the Statistics

Cancer statistics are often beautified. For the statistics and the success of a therapeutic measure, "healing" means being alive five years after diagnosis. It has no consideration on the conditions of the survivors, and the fact that many people die later from cancer is disregarded.

It could be possible that the standard opinion of the doctors is now more accurate, but other approaches may make more sense. It seems we are no better than the Middle Ages with false inference without a critical approach. Therefore, more extensive studies are needed to compare different treatments. But the medical experts are so convinced of the current therapy that they don't carry out these studies. Allegedly, because it is morally unreasonable to deny the patient anticancer drugs in order to make comparisons with placebos, herbs, diet, psychotherapy, exercise, or without treatment that would be scientifically necessary. So they say it is morally unreasonable to deprive the patient of normal cancer therapy, but it's not morally unreasonable asking 70,000 bucks for a single drug? Is it moral to put patients into medical debt?

The pharmaceutical industry cites the high research effort as a reason for rising and inflated prices. Independent scientists have reviewed the information provided by the pharmaceutical industry and concluded that the research spend, rather than the given billion, is actually 100-300 million per drug. It should make people think. How credible is the pharmaceutical industry after all?

  • ​"He has lost his long fight against cancer."
  • "He died despite treatment."
  • "The cancer has spread too much."
  • "The cancer has returned."

​"Scientists cling rock-solidly to an approach until it turns out to be wrong."

​"In the 1950s, doctors still advertised cigarettes and praised smoking."

Cancer is still rare in the animal kingdom, yet common amongst domesticated pets, which are usually not exposed to a natural and species-appropriate diet. The same applies to other civilization diseases that we share with them. It seems in this case that animal experiments are useful, but even if they walk right under our noses we can not learn anything from them. Instead, we drill their heads...

Lobotomy 2.0.

The medical benefit of animal testing has long been controversial. Beyond concerns about cruelty, many of the tests are not transferable to humans, unless it's to test a new chemical weapon. Nevertheless, there are no stricter regulations.

The madness of lobotomy can be shown at one of the many videos in which lab animals are bored into the head by scientists for injecting test preparations under the meninges or electrode implants for brain tests. Our brain is not like the brain of a monkey, so the tests are not transferable and are practically useless. It's not about the full equality of humans and animals, just avoiding unnecessary suffering and a fundamental respect for their life.

​"Animal experiments were even conducted to test over-the-counter party drugs."

Beauty has no limits

Nurtured by advertising and social media, an entire generation believes it needs to change their appearance to meet an unrealistic ideal of beauty. We masquerade ourselves with make-up that ages our skin and hide under clothing to cover our blemishes. We will be unhappy until we show ourselves the way we are, without makeup and Photoshop.

There was a time when the doctor had to take an oath to protect the patient. But cosmetic surgeons would not do the same. Instead of doing the third nose job, a responsible doctor should refer the patient to a psychologist, as the surgeries will never satisfy an already dissatisfied mind.

As a society, we can do a lot with our behavior by not hurting others with our words and standing up for others. By giving each other real compliments, not just whistling at women in short skirts. This revolution of beauty begins with each and one of us.

​The loss of our midwives

​They ​have an extremely important task for our society and expectant mothers, yet many midwives in Germany have been forced to surrender by legal hurdles and increased insurance costs. Personal care of pregnant women in a familiar environment such as in a home birth is systematically eradicated to relocate births under the pretext of lower risk in clinics, which ​cause up to 10 times the cost ​for health insurance than a midwife at the home birth. It may be a measure to increase the occupancy rate of clinics. Because midwives usually know what they are doing and have enough experience to send a pregnant woman to the hospital ​in case of an increased risk.

​"Every year, 91,000 patients in Europe die from infections that they contracted in hospitals."

​"The cost of a hospital birth can be over 10 times higher than a home birth."

​Alternative healing

There is an almost unmanageable selection of alternative therapies and rituals that promise to restore health. Unfortunately, we can not trust many of these therapists because there is always a chance of financial interest or delusion behind it. But if a method of treatment makes you feel better, even if someone just puts his hand on your back, it's better than having your hair fall out and making you vomit.

Ultimately, our limited human minds can not gauge the potentialities ​which is why we s​hould be open for the impossible as long as we remain critical and attentive.​ In former times, airplanes and computers were unimaginable, today they are reality. We have no idea what kind of miracles surround us that do not have to be electronic.

Even methods like homeopathy do not have to be viewed too critically. In the worst case, you suck sugar globules, which can act as placebo. Sometimes it seems more appropriate than overpriced pharmaceutical drugs, with its numerous negative side effects.

Spiritual nonsense

Diseases are one of the most painful and fulfilling ways to learn about ourselves. This idea sounds like spiritual nonsense, but can be proven when viewed critically.

The average age reasoning error

The argument that the plethora of diseases is due to the increased average age is only partially true and lapses when countless children and young adults are affected. We humans as species are eliminating ourselves, especially in times of a lack in genetic selection. The question is, ​what will kill us first: genetical degeneration, nuclear weapons, poisons or climate change. We are surprised that we get sick if we do not exercise enough, eat too much of the wrong food, are exposed to environmental pollution, particulate matter, pesticides, herbicides or heavy metals, which we are responsible for.


The human body has phenomenal powers of self-healing and our will is inconceivable. Nevertheless, one resorts to radical procedures that do not support the body in its function, but leach it until it has healed itself or dies invalidated.

It only takes a little logic to recognize the little individual truths. Even if everything does not seem to be clear in a complex cause-and-effect system, the link between environmental toxins, malnutrition and other negative influences on our health and the growing number of people with degenerative diseases such as dementia or cancer should be enough to point out that we have to rethink our usual concept of illness and health. We need to start investing more money in disease prevention, not​ in the cure.

​"Nature is very logically structured. The only problem is that we do not understand ​her yet. "

​"An unresponsive organism will die."

​Numbers on dementia (2015)

  • every 3.2 seconds diagnosis dementia
  • 46.8 million sufferers
  • 2050: 131.5 million
  • Cost: $ 818 billion

"We complain to Heaven when we are afflicted with ​a disease, and we are looking for a God who can take it from us, but in the end only ourselves can do it."

However, instead of propagating and implementing a healthy lifestyle in harmony with nature, we again and again look for a healing method that can be sold for a lot of money. Already, the total cost of treating dementia is more than $ 800 billion, with 10 million new cases annually. Every 3.2 seconds a person is diagnosed with dementia.

Incidentally, the main cause of illness is not lack of medication or vaccines, but hunger. It would be easy to feed all humans. From a financial point of view, vaccines and pills are the solution, not solving malnutrition. It reveals one of the biggest problems of all time: greed, the fear of not having enough.


  • We need to move from a symptom-oriented medicine to a holistic therapy that sees our body, mind and soul as a whole and treats the causes of the disease.
  • The first step is prevention. It would relieve the burden on the healthcare system and strengthen the economy by reducing downtime. It starts with your eating habits and stops with your buying behavior, which pollutes the environment and thus harm ourselves. A variety of health problems would be resolved without expensive drugs. But no one has an interest in it, as healthy produce is not profitable when only the farmer would make money with vegetables. Not even the food industry, which wants to sell its sugary and greasy products. These companies continue contributing to health deterioration for financial gain.
  • Nobody should be allowed to make money by illness-inducing unhealthy produce. ​But the medical industry with the production of medicines and technical equipment is a billion dollar business. It does not mean that everything modern medicine does is wrong. It just means that not everything it does needs to be right. The only way to find the truth in the medical jumble is to de-privatize the health care system and free the supermarkets from artificial products. That's the only way we ​could examine ​whether profit or the benefit for the human is behind a type of treatment.
  • Even medical studies can often be interest-driven. The finest example being cigarettes, where smoking was once considered healthy and was propagated by numerous doctors even in advertising campaigns, simply because the tobacco industry paid enough. Even today, there are often links between health ministries and organizations and the lobby of interest, even down to the parliaments, which make policy for companies. The Cowspiracy documentary talks about the special case of the meat industry that is corrupting our media world and health care system.
  • Transparent parlaments
  • The pharmaceutical industry generates billions with the suffering and fear of the people. Food companies such as Nestlé, Coca Cola, Kraft or Kellogg's profit from the dependency of the people and market countless unhealthy products, often elaborately disguised as healthy.
  • In addition to a basic income, there should be a financial incentive for doctors, so that the black sheep among them would have no reason for wrong diagnoses to make more money
  • The health system should be reformed to reward healthier behavior and lifestyle.
  • Health insurance should provide more options to pay specifically for emergency health care, and not demand all pay for the disease of the mass. With the consequence that the person with only an emergency insurance what have to die in the worst case ​from cancer or diabetes without a treatment.
  • It starts with you, taking responsibility for yourself and your health.

    Of course, the best lifestyle does not guarantee eternal health. It will only increase the likelihood of dying healthy without losing your memory and relying on external help. It is a misconception that you have to die frail with artificial hips and a new heart.

    "Lead a healthy life, and you will hardly fall ill unless it is due to an accident or an epidemic. If you get sick, the right diet will give you the best way to get well again." - Hippocrates

The only way to health is through your plate. More fruits and vegetables, the more colorful and the darker the better. In the colors you can see all the important antioxidants, that keep our body and mind healthy. We can end the war in our world, but first we must put an end to the war in our bodies.

​Question: Why do politicians only ​talk and do nothing instead of revolutionizing the health system and limiting the power of large corporations, which would bring them tremendous losses of profit?

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​I take care of myself and...

  • check
    ​Have more peace and less stress
  • check
    ​set new priorities and give less importance to my career
  • check
    ​give others less power over me
  • check
    ​Consume less animal products
  • check
    ​Eat many fruits and vegetables
  • check
    ​Eat ecological and fair goods
  • check
    ​Boycott products in environmentally harmful cultivation, as residues would land on my plate
  • check
    ​I am active and athletic
  • check
    ​Only access medicine in an emergency

Because I am responsible for my health.

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