Forgotten Figure

Forgotten Figure(Vergessene Figur) You are the story on the first page,the one of many.The figure of a drama nobody wants to see.The voice of a war,that will never have taken place.A number in a statistic,a mistake of the heuristic.A drop of blood in a red ocean.The figure of a war,a pawn of power.In a world …

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​DogA guard.For night crawlers and seekers of the dark.Not giving up his hope.Not giving up his stand. Without a home. Without a friend.Full of fleas and full of heart.Who doesn’t want to be apart.Would follow you from Rajasthan to Rome.All to make sure that he is not alone.​And you are safe.Wherever you want to go.Enough …

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A tiny fortress.With cannons and crosses.Waiting for people who travel the world.A head full of thoughts that are curled.Up in a ball.Not knowing why they do what they do.And why they are here.Lost, unable to bear.A life in a tiny fortress.Always on the run.Taking pictures of things that they’ve done.Afraid of reality and being trapped …

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