Starless Night

Starless Night(Sternlose Nacht) We need activists and athletes, dancers and singers, poets and dreamers. Followers of falling fantasies, creators of castles in the clouds and bursting bubbles, who risk everything to get it all.Who live their life for what they think their life was meant to be.We may say they lost touch to reality, lost …

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Cinematograph(Lichtspielhaus) I miss her.And the moments with her,That are played in my memoryLike on a screen in black and white.One of those romantic movies from the 50’s,That you would have seen at the cinema,When every movie was specialAnd nobody was missing the color.In a time before remakes and streamingWhen not everything was always available.Now we …

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Cosmonaut(Glückskosmonaut) People say love hard and live fast,People say, don’t think about regretand don’t care about tomorrow,People say, live in the here and now,But hear the striking of the clockWith all the things in the back of the head,All the things people said.You’ve heard about the perfect lifeand the perfect plan,Started to doubt yourselfAnd compare …

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