​Life in a ​Plutocracy

​How the ​reign of money has corrupted our world

​© Gerhard Haderer

​Between the worlds

​The American middle class loves the capitalistic system and its millionaires because it grew up with the illusion of the American dream. She believes one day ​it will lead them to the life of one of ​their idols - rich, famous, good-looking - as an actor or entrepreneur. That the middle class is constantly shrinking is overlook​ed ​by them as long as they are part of the middle class.

​Nowadays, everything and everyone is buyable. We wonder at the decisions of politicians for whom their policies are made until we follow the call of money. Everything and everyone has their price and yet everything seems to be worthless.

The rule of money

Celebrity culture, lottery and gambling keep the dream alive of becoming one of them. That's why they like the millionaires, even though 99.9 percent of the people won’t become one.

​The rich get richer, the poor ...

Inequality increases at a dramatic rate unlike any other time in history. The richest 1% of our society owns as much wealth as the remaining 99% in the world. The eight richest people have more than the 50% poorest, that is more than 3.5 billion people. According to Oxfam estimates, we could see the first trillionaire in 25 years.

Recommended to read is the Oxfam Report of 2017: An Economy for the 99 %

But to earn money, you need money. It gives you the opportunity to hire the best consultants, invest your money profitably, implement your ideas, or buy or destroy your competitors and retailers through price dumping. The structure of the bank system with compound interest does the rest to increase inequality. As I said, you need money to make money.

Not only are we talking about self-made millionaires who have had an imaginative idea or worked for their wealth, but also wealthy families who pass on their fortune from generation to generation without having to work a day in their lives.

We have entered an economic system that places the greatest emphasis on short-term returns to shareholders rather than on the good of the company and its employees. In the UK, the distribution of profits to shareholders in 1970 was 10%, today it is 70%. The crony capitalism is increasing.

​"The stock market is a madhouse fueled with cocaine. The madness of the speculators can drive people into hunger and poverty."

Instead of paying the workers fair wages and giving them better working conditions or even more vacation days, all profits go to managers, despite mismanagement, and the shareholders by ownership without doing a stroke of work. Instead of putting value on the employees and the environment, it is about the profits. Companies are bled to death and workers are laid off to look better on the stock market for a brief moment.

​The madness on the stock ​market

The stock market's speculations on rising or falling food prices drove more than 100 million people into poverty during the 2008 financial crisis, according to the World Bank. 100 million more people found themselves unable to even afford staple food.

​The stock market is a madhouse fueled with cocaine. The madness of the speculators can drive people into hunger and poverty. It ​shouldn't be possible that people can make money with the suffering of others. Such unscrupulous practices must be stopped. Speculation fulfills no social benefit and does not add value to the economy. Each cleaning lady has a higher added value than all punters and investment bankers put together.

​Stock exchanges can only be seen as a game of chance, which causes a further redistribution of money from the bottom up, and has mainly profiteers in the financial elite.

​"Every cleaner has a higher ​creation of value than all punters and investment banker put together."

Question: Why do politicians just stand by and create laws that contain so many loopholes, to the point that they become meaningless?

​Played philanthropy

That the market is always right is the first flaw of this concept, yet the false legitimacy of our capitalism. Only with justice is it possible to achieve stability and harmony, and most importantly, peace. Is it legitimate for managers, bankers, stock jugglers, entrepreneurs, shareholders, athletes or actors to receive millions each year? More than millions of people can earn through their hard work in their entire lives.

Some of these super-rich with billions on the account call themselves benefactors and philanthropists through million-dollar donations that are tax-deductible, although they could prevent the exploitation of humans and the environment within their own businesses.

There is a reason why they have become so rich, either on the basis of exploitation of workers and our environment or the theft of many people who have lost their livelihood or their money, for example, through the stock markets.

Companies like Amazon, Apple, or Starbucks legally enjoy tax havens and loopholes, made possible with the help of their own lobbyists and bought politicians. As a result, the public loses billions every year. In Germany alone, 17 billion are lost each year that could be used for aid projects or education.

What are the super-rich doing with all their money? They know that they can not spend it in their lives. Instead of admiring them, we should consider their greed for what it is, a mental illness.

"Money is an illusion. It's like the tooth fairy, which only exists if we believe in it. "

© Gerhard Haderer

There is too much money covered by no value and no service. Half the world is in debt. It is a virtual number that gives meaning to people because they lost their meaning in life or didn't find it. People no longer work to survive, but to maintain the capitalistic system in which they live.

​Coming soon: ​Capitalistic Slavery - The mistakes of our economy​

Gluttony in a Starving World

​While half of this world is ​overweight, the other half ​is malnourished. Both groups are among the poorest in the world, despite living on two "different" sides of the globe and having two distinct health issues​.

Obesity is more common in the less educated and poorer classes as the industry feeds them with cheap white flour, fast food, greasy meat and sugar. Politicians seem to see no danger in this development, even though they could stop it for one side of the world ​by taxing unhealthy food, banning certain advertising, revolutionizing the healthcare system with greater benefits for healthy people. We need to promote a practical education program to combat obesity, and change the economy with a fairer distribution to end hunger. These measures, however, would lead to a loss of profits for the industry, which is why they are not enforced in a plutocracy.

​Coming soon: The​ Prostitutes of ​Consumerism

  • ​2.2 billion overweight
  • 2 billion malnourished
  • 800 million are starving


  • Taxation of unhealthy foods
  • Bonuses for healthy lifestyle
  • Revolutionize the education system
  • Prohibition of advertising
  • ​Social economic system, instead of predator capitalism
  • Fairer distribution of food
  • Less consumption
  • Changes in the entertainment industry

The German Minister for Nutrition Julia Klöckner, disapproves a sugar tax, as it is not socially responsible, if "only certain circles could afford such food". For me it sounds reasonable, if such products would not find a market at all, as it lacks nutritional value. It is also not fair to shift the increased health costs to society, when it's the direct cause of cheap junk food sold by corporations.

Every year 4 million people die of overweight, many millions more due to lacking or wrong nutrition. It is often a long struggle until their death. Terrorism kills less than 26,000 people every year. Nevertheless, we are only waging a "bitter" war against terrorists, instead of food corporations who are slowly poisoning people.

There is argument that it is the responsibility of the consumer to purchase healthier foods and be in charge of their diet. However, this does not hold true with laws requiring seatbelts, banning cannabis, and many other laws that theoretically limit freedom. It's either about life or it's about money. Let's be honest, these huge inconsistencies show that it's really about the money.

​4 million deaths caused by overweight

​26 thousand deaths caused by terror

... nevertheless, we are waging war against terrorists, not against food companies

The Tolerance for Dissatisfaction is Running Out

We are experiencing increasing dissatisfaction and poverty in the world. Americans, in their hopelessness and anger, have voted for a man who could not be further from their own lives -- a man who grew up in immeasurable wealth, and who nevertheless considered himself one of them to win an election. A man who campaigned against the "establishment," failing to see the irony.

Unfortunately, the other side was not electable neither, as she was also just a vote for the financial elite, prioritizing her own political career over the goodwill of the country. Otherwise, she would have given precedence to Bernie Sanders, a democratic socialist, who has made a stronger impression of actually wanting to change something in the depraved system.

For the "socialists" he was not extreme enough, which is why even the left side of the political theater was split. But division will never bring peace to our society. That's why you should not misunderstand my words. We should not see enemies in the super-rich, but simply misguided companions.

The problem of social division manifests itself in violence worldwide. The more people are affected by poverty, the easier it is for dictators and terrorist organizations to take control. People suffering in despair are easily manipulated when promised a better life.

It goes without saying that poverty increases more riots, theft, drug crimes, and violence. This degenerate economic system affects us all, even if we live in prosperity. If continued to be ignored, it could snap and we would also lose everything.


​... are malnourished


​... are overweight


...​ are starving

"We should not see our enemies in the super-rich, but misguided companions."

​The end of the plutocracy

The plutocrats and politicians commit a big mistake with their ruthless actions. It is shortsighted to believe that people will not rise against them and fight back with pitchforks, just like the French Revolution.

​"A bloody revolution will never be the solution."

But it is not too late. Therefore, the financial elite must quickly rethink and reduce injustice if it is interested in a peaceful life. When the middle class is eradicated, riots will ensue. I hope it will not end with too much bloodshed.

The filthy rich will not be able to hide forever behind gates in their dazzling bubble world. If they think they are safe, they just have to look in their garden, at Hector, who trims their lawn, or at their plate, because someone has harvested their food. It's starting to sound like a zombie apocalypse, but chaos closer to reality as violence continues to increase.

I'm not alone with this claim. As one of "them" who lives the American dream, Nick Hanauer, warns the rest of the plutocrats:

“If we don’t do something to fix the glaring inequities in this economy, the pitchforks are going to come for us. No society can sustain this kind of rising inequality. In fact, there is no example in human history where wealth accumulated like this and the pitchforks didn’t eventually come out. You show me a highly unequal society, and I will show you a police state. Or an uprising. There are no counterexamples. None. It’s not if, it’s when.”

We have an alternative to violence. We can put an end to our consumption craze and take power from companies. We should stop buying the cheapest product, but the fairest and most sustainable and only when we really need it. And we shouldn't always choose the same politicians or parties who have already proven their shortsightedness, but those who stand up for a peaceful and fair world.

​Question: Why do politicians only stand by idly instead of implementing a more social economy that would bring huge financial losses to the financial elite and large corporations?

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