​Capitalistic Slavery

​How our economic system became our employer

​A flawed economy

Our economy is dependent on steady growth, otherwise it collapses like a bubble.

​The people who have implemented this system and teach it at colleges in business courses as a God-given wisdom praise profit maximization as the ultimate goal, without understanding our world and the importance of nature. Without understanding that no tree grows forever and the wolf dies when he has eaten the last fawn. A stable ecosystem is balanced and not exploitative. The people who follow this system don't understood that it is man-made and that man could change it at any time.

But what does economic growth mean?

"No tree grows forever."

​A product ​creates its market

Growth means we produce more to consume more, to produce more, to consume more, to produce more. It's a meaningless and vicious cycle.

Growth does not mean creating value or quality. Instead of a pointless numbers expressing economic growth, we should use the working climate, our infrastructure, education levels, food situation, social justice and social satisfaction as a gauge for our economy.

One of the main reasons for the needed growth are loans.

​"The existence of God can not be denied or confirmed, the man-made problems are obvious."

We forget to ask where the resources come from that we need for our consumerism. We just have to open our wardrobes or refrigerators to see the over-abundance. Drive our second and third car out of the garage. Stumble over children's toys and closets full of unused items. Because all this is called growth, often funded with bank loans. Likewise, the garbage piles of plastic and electronic waste are growing, and we want to bury them as soon as possible, exporting them to Asia and Africa to clear our conscience.

​How can the economy grow when the market is saturated?

Simply by ​Artificially Creating a Demand:

  • You can produce and sell low-quality items with a short life span.
  • Or you can sell the same product in new packaging by creating a false desire through advertising and social pressure.
  • ​Or you can destroy ​our world in wars so ​you can rebuild it.
  • ​Or you can pollute the nature so you can ​clean it.
  • Or you can make the people sick with poor nutrition so you can cure them and give them pill A and then pill B for the side effects of pill A.

    We humans are hypocrites blindly joining in the game of capitalism, but debate and argue about God​ and think that people who believe in a God are imbeciles.​ The existence of God can't be denied or confirmed, the man-made problems are, however, very obvious, and very obviously shaped by our choices. Believers pray, we have surrendered already.

    Article: ​The Prostitutes of Consumerism

    Artificial ways to create a demand for a product are harmful and meaningless, since this type of economy is all about monetary gains, not the big picture and the good of humanity.

​"Money is an illusion. It's like the tooth fairy,
which only exists if we believe in it. "

There are only a few things that are really necessary for us. We need food and shelter. We, as comfortable post-cavemen, need energy as well so we may not freeze, thus a need for agriculture and industry. We need a certain number of doctors, but not as many as today if we only took care of ourselves a little better. You could easily set up a system that gives people more time to live instead of drowning them in mundane work without taking the benefits of prosperity.

Despite the many dissatisfactions with the system, most fall into the redundant cycle. Small businesses and households lose themselves in the system the moment they take their first loan. Losing their job would be like losing their existence, as the bank could take everything from them. These people, like soldiers, will fight for the system because they have lost their perspective.

​"The bank always wins."

​People no longer work to survive,
but to maintain the capitalist system in which they live.

​Caught in the credit swamp

If a company borrows money from a bank on the basis of its latest quarterly figures, it must ensure that these figures are confirmed in the next period. The company plays along in the game of artificial demand, since it can not afford for the sales to break, otherwise it could lose everything to the bank. It is a mistake of the system and a criminal exploitation by the banks and the people behind them. Unfortunately it is like the casino, the bank always wins.

For the profiteers of the system, its mistakes are a gain.

Therefore, we must change it and force our politicians into a revolutionized economic and banking system. Any denial for changing the system basically reveals themselves to be the puppets of the lobbyists.

Supply shortages or falling demand can paralyze or destroy entire industries, especially if the economic growth was previously facilitated with bank loans. If the economy subsides, it can collapse due to a chain reaction.

  • ​Analogy
  • ​Supply Shortages
  • ​Bursting Demand

​Example 2: Burgeoning demand

The demand collapses, as it has come out that sugar and the artificial sweeteners are bad for us. People are beginning to abstain from over-sugared products, cause the ​rational person would certainly no longer consume all the delicious sweets and drinks. Some companies are flexible in their production and ​cut sugar from their recipe or use a healthy sugar alternative. However, with most products tasting natural and with destroyed consumers' taste buds, most companies ​lose their sales until even Charlie ​has to shut down his factory. Nobody ​eats ​Oreos and drinks Coke anymore.

The size of the Sugar Mafia pulls down a whole range of businesses and industries. The "dangerous" spiral has been set in motion, because today almost every industrial product contains sugar.

For this reason, there is the simple phrase: Too big to fall. The state would intervene, allocate funds for restructuring or launch the campaign: Why ​sugar is healthy for you.

Too big to fall

​Firms that have reached a certain size are financially supported by the state in the event of bankruptcy in order to protect the economy and the jobs. This gives these companies a fool's ear, even a free ticket, to distribute the money cheerfully to their shortsighted managers and shareholders. Otherwise, it can not be explained that managers receive millions and even bonuses, if they let the company bleed, ​to experience a short high on the stock market.


Money is an illusion. It's like the tooth fairy, which only exists if we believe in it. You would call someone crazy if he spents his entire life searching for a fantasy.

How can we explain that money has become the entire life content of a person, everything he lives for every day. We think it's normal and right just because we've been taught. We have to forget everything we think we know.

A virtual number gives meaning to people
because they lost their meaning in life

or did not even find it.

Jim Carrey once said that everyone should be rich and famous to see that happiness is not there to be found.

“I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the answer.” - Jim Carrey

It is easy for him to say, you may think, for someone who can afford anything and doesn't have to work multiple jobs and the stress of making ends meet. But who could say it, if not someone who experiences the life everyone is dreaming of every single day?

​We will find our answer when we have nothing left to hide behind.

​The dependence on money

Money creates dependency and is the slave driver of our modern civilization, which we can hardly escape. It is the means to control humanity. At least with the first child, we have to surrender to the system, because we could not easily move into the forest or under the bridge or wanted to live by the hand in the mouth.

​Every citizen is required to pay taxes, but big companies have loopholes.

​In Germany you have to pay taxes for your house, even for an uncultivated forest that you leave to nature. One is obliged to have health insurance, even without income. The alternative in Germany would be to seek ​welfare. But what if you do not want to receive money from the state, but ​try to ​enjoy your time with your savings? Do you first have to fight through the jungle of papers in order not to be scooped up but to draw on the social system?


  1. No income, no assets, no insurance costs!
  2. The ability to have a pure accident insurance, so you do not have to pay for a defiant, poisoning society.
  3. Businesses should pay for the costs they cause. Not the state or taxpayer.

​The business of the banks

​Medium of Exchange

Money should serve as a medium of exchange for goods and services generated in an economic area. But today there is too much money ​which no value. Most of the money in the world is a number on the computer.

Half the world is in debt

How are the loans covered when half the world is in debt? What do you work for? The car is produced, the food already on the table. What is money? How can it be possible to make money by having money in your account, through interest and compound interest? Where does the money come from? Millions, billions, trillions? What's the point? So money really has become nothing but hidden slavery?

Undoubtedly, we are now better off as slaves from ancient Rome, even as slaves in modern times, but can ​we call it freedom?

​Creation of Money

​States are paying money to banks to save them from ​bankruptcy ​after bursting debt bubbles or mismanag​ement, and borrowing money from banks to give loans.

​If the ​banking system collapses, states would theoretically be broke. But what does it mean? The states are broke. What if all states were broke?

Most of the money in the world exists only in books and accounts. It is a virtual number that can be generated by any bank with the granting of loans. These banks have to deposit only a minimum reserve with a central bank, which can be only one percent of the loan. If a 100% reserve requirement were assumed, i.e. they would have to deposit one euro with the central bank for every euro they lend, banks could not create more and more money, which would be a way to avoid credit bubbles and inflation. It would, however, mean the end of the modern banking system.

​The cash comes from central banks (e.g. ECB and FED), which are seized by states to be allowed to print money, so that ​the banks can afterwards lend it to the states, which ​have to pay interests to the banks, in order to save the banks again and again ​after the banks mismanage and enriched themselves at the expense of the general public.

Banks can create money without having to print it.

​The central banks have enough power to create a stable currency. They just have to want it.


The more money they create, the less value it has. Every day the money loses value and the wage adjustments are usually less than the loss. Every day ​​people's money ​is robbed by increasing the price level without them knowing. And they are unable to do anything against it except ​marching for a new system and stop taking loans for things they don't need.

When the money loses its "value".

​Even if the states were broke, people could continue to grow agricultural products and do their jobs, but the money they received would be worthless because they lost the faith.

​Debt Bubbles

​What does it mean if I bought a home on a loan basis and can not pay the bank? What does it mean if I'm not the only one who has received insane loans, that were higher than the house value, that ​I can not repay? The houses go back to the bank or are sold for a ridiculous price, the real estate prices ​drop down. Other loans on houses are no longer covered. More and more houses are being sold, prices are still falling. The cheap houses are passed on to the financial elite, whose fortune grows, while the mass stands penniless. They rent the houses afterwards to people who have lost their own house.

In the end, a society remains that has debts with banks and works empty-handed for virtual loans and leases all its life.

​People work for banks and for people who do not have to work anymore because they let others work.

​The people and banks have learned nothing from the real estate crisis. Risky loans continue to be distributed. Yesterday's house is the car of today. If the same mistakes are repeated over and over again, it's either stupidity or unscrupulousness because someone ​profits from bubbles.

Another problem is the credit bubble China is building, but that's another topic.

The exploitation starts with us

​The industry makes it difficult for us to live sustainably. Products are made without the ability to repair them or with spare parts that are more expensive than ​a new ​product. But most of the time it's our decision to choose the cheapest product and not to care about sustainability.

​We are a throwaway society. It ranges from food via the razor, the espresso capsules, the coffee mug to the tampon. Even functioning devices are sorted out by us because the market offers a new product and we have too much money. We believe that it is normal because everyone is doing it.

We are slaves and slave drivers.

​Society has taught us that we need a new t-shirt if ours has a hole or a stain, and that women are allowed to wear a red carpet dress only once. We live by rules that none of us have set up, as if we otherwise would be harmed, we must oppose the social pressure and live according to our own hearts and minds.

Why does it mean so much to us what others think of us?

​We overlook ​by all our problems ​that we are responsible for all our problems. At the same time, we are the slave drivers and slaves of the system. For us, the market produces, we give it the power.

​Working conditions and wages are being pushed down to help companies make more money. But nobody forces us to buy these products. People and nature are being exploited to earn higher profits and ​to offer the cheapest products to the consumer. What is ​point of all this if in the end a broken society without air and water remains? Women and girls are the most affected by injustice worldwide. Feminism should take up this issue and call on women to consume less and more sustainably. That would move more than wild shouts.

​Recommended to read is the Oxfam Report of 2017: An Economy for the 99 %


​In a perfect world, everyone would give what ​he can and, in coordination with society, take what ​he really needs. Not too much and not too little. Doubters who say that such a system would not work are right, because we are not yet in perfect society, but I ask, does our system work today? There is enough space between our predator capitalism and my ideal. There are already enough intelligent ideas that are not implemented because of the headwind from politics and industry.

Right approaches:

  • Unconditional basic income
  • Less hours of work
  • Less consumption
  • Less pointless work

​Article: ​An Economic Revolution

​The benefit for our world

​We all have two cell phones, a TV, two cars. We live in immeasurable wealth. But that's not something I want to take from you. We would have the same wealth if we did not buy a new phone every year and wear our clothes to maturity. Because the downside of our inaction is much more alarming:

​Oceans full of plastic bags and microplastics, low-oxygen oceans, cleared forests, polluted rivers and lakes, barren fields, wars, starving men, women and children, hatred of the Western world. We are pushing for our own extinction, at least for a dystopian future.

​Would not it make more sense if we live carefully and sustainably, appreciate our food, make conscious purchases? Would not it make more sense if the devices were produced for the longest possible service life, rather than failing months or even a few years ago?

Food rather lands in trash than in an empty stomach without money.

​We live in an economic system created for the richest of our society. These people will not change it, we have to do it. Our politicians will not change anything, they have had plenty of time to prove their inactivity. They make laws for one percent of our society and we ​accept it. But we need to change something, if not for us, then for the people without a voice who have to work for our prosperity in fields and in factories or ​have to suffer for our ignorance in wars or ​have to live on our streets in poverty. Otherwise, it will one day lead to the bloodiest wars in Europe and America for us or our children.

It is up to us whether we surrender to the system or whether we act. When the time comes, everyone has to ​march.

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Question: Why do we consider ourselves powerless instead of taking power from the financial elite and the big corporations?

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​Because I am responsible.

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